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At the 2012 Oerol Festival Terschelling it will start raining Dinosaurs

This Dinosaur rain will help you get a grip on everyday life placing things like an economic crisis or the end of time in a original and fresh perspective. The Augmented Reality Layar will give you the comfort of knowing that to become extinct doesn’t mean anything in the era of the smartphone. You can […]

Presentation on AR @ BEM-Academy

In modern life you cant’ do without your smartphone but do you really sea everything you should see ore are you missing out on some things? You can call it an update or introduction to the world of Augmented Reality. This evening examples and possibility’s of AR for different purposes will be presented at the […]

Free festival backstage entry for everyone!

This summer the Dutch music festivals have a ‘secret’ backdoor. No longer you need a backstage pass or special favours from ‘friends’ to get your picture taken with the stars. Meet the Foo Fighters at Pinkpop or get a picture of you and The Baseballs at Concert at Sea 2011 style. Start the Layar AR […]

Don Pigeon, live at the San Marco Square

In the first weekend of June 2011 the famous San Marco square in Venice will be home of the Don Pigeon. This AR bird will dominate the square and compete with the real life pigeons for attention of the tourists. Using the Layar browser on your smartphone “The Don” will give you the best photo […]

Presenting AR at management event

June 23th 2011 a workshop ‘Birdwatching 2.0′ will be an introduction into the world of Augmented Reality at the Slow Management Live event. Viewing virtual birds arround the Strijp area in Eindhoven using our iPhone and the AR Layar browser. During the presentation we take a look at the possibility’s of organising digital data in […]

Traveling through time and space

HTM commissioned Repro- van de Kamp – Victor de Vries to develop a Layar production for the city of The Hague. At the premiere of this Layar in april it served the viewer the experience of traveling through the history watching it from an moving antique tram. On the streets AR pictures of different areas […]