Layar Safari @ E-Pulse Breda 2011

During the E-pulse festival 2011 the city of Breda is host to the Layar Safari, a production of Victor de Vries technical supported by Sander Veenhof. Urban wildlife will never be the same. Animated AR Hippo’s can be seen in the water a Gorilla found its home in the park, all you have to do […]

See the signs and don’t ignore them

Coming Oerol 2011 ‘location theatre’ festival at Terschelling the signs of AR can no longer be ignored. In cooperation with Dutch Artist Sander Veenhof the first traffic light of Terschelling will be revealed near Stryper Wiefke. We believe this is in fact a test-case to check if a the virtual domain can have a significant […]

Don Pigeon, live at the San Marco Square

In the first weekend of June 2011 the famous San Marco square in Venice will be home of the Don Pigeon. This AR bird will dominate the square and compete with the real life pigeons for attention of the tourists. Using the Layar browser on your smartphone “The Don” will give you the best photo […]

Presenting AR at management event

June 23th 2011 a workshop ‘Birdwatching 2.0′ will be an introduction into the world of Augmented Reality at the Slow Management Live event. Viewing virtual birds arround the Strijp area in Eindhoven using our iPhone and the AR Layar browser. During the presentation we take a look at the possibility’s of organising digital data in […]

Traveling through time and space

HTM commissioned Repro- van de Kamp – Victor de Vries to develop a Layar production for the city of The Hague. At the premiere of this Layar in april it served the viewer the experience of traveling through the history watching it from an moving antique tram. On the streets AR pictures of different areas […]

Online vs Offline Competition

March 26-27 2011 | Almelo. A game with just one rule. Everybody is a contender, even if they choose not to. Using a the Layar AR browser on your smartphone the scorefrom both teams; Online and Offline will be visable at the Amaliaplein in the center of Almelo. Judges will be Sander Veenhof and Victor […]

Presenting the AR Layar Safari

Victor will demonstrate The Layar Safari project, realized with Sander Veenhof, during the Test_Lab: Tools for ARt on December 16th, 2010. This project premiered during the Dutch Design Week using Augmented Reality and a real life safari Jeep. V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Whats in a name…

Encyclopidee is a Dutch misspelled way of typing encyclopedie. In English this type error occurs for encyclopedia witch changes to encyclopidea. This is a place where you can look to find ideas… Idea’s on business development, communication strategies and product design.  Please contact me if your interested in a fresh and creative view.

AR Layar Safari Eindhoven

Going on Safari in your own Hometown! The Layar Safari premiered in the city of Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week. Visitors of La Citta Mobile could take part in a guided tour by Jeep discovering the AR Wildlife of the City. For this, you only needed an Iphone 3GS or Android smart-phone with Layar […]